In parties, as favours, in parades- candies work everywhere

Candies- favoured by everyone, from kids to the aged are now popular in parties as well. The flavoured sweet dish, made from sugar solution comes in a variety of shapes and colour and are also available at online candy stores now. Affordably priced it has made its way to parties held on numerous occasions. In fact candy bars and candy buffets are considered to be elements in a party that makes it exceptional. Besides, it is also a convenient and a relatively cheap way to pacify the sweet tooth of your guests.

In spite of some exceptional cases where I have found adults going crazy for candies, candies along with their sweetness can particularly be related to children. To see that extra shimmer of happiness on your children's faces, adding a candy buffet to their birthday parties would be a brilliant thing to do. Party candies are specially designed in shape and colour which makes them even more alluring to kids. To get it at a comparatively cheaper rate, you could go for bulk candies instead of purchasing individual ones.

Particularly packed for party favours, candies are available in wonderful combinations in a packet. In this way, not only will the birthday party rock but also your child could gain some attention among friends and you be ready for some appreciation as well. Not only on birthdays but kids go mad about candies on every possible occasion.

Parade candies distributed among children from where a parade passes would definitely make the purpose of the parade successful. Don't be amazed to know that cand
ies are also specially designed for their distribution by parades. Yes, there are penny shaped candies, lollypops, jaw breakers etc. that can be distributed.

The Hershey Company being the first, there are now many companies like Cadbury, Necco, Snickers, Nestle etc that are involved in the manufacturing and marketing of candies and candy bars. Pez is one such company of Austrian origin which is associated with the marketing of the candies. Initially introduced in the market as a mint and with the slogan of "Want one?", the Pez candy comes in a variety of general, sour, sugar free and resigned flavours.

Previously the dispensers were simple but now they are manufactured in the shape of different characters, said to be marketed in Japan, United States and Europe. The dispensers can be stored as collectibles or mementos and it has now come up as a most cultivated hobby to collect them. There are a number of conventions held worldwide to celebrate the hobby along with auctions that are held for the distribution of the money obtained by selling Pez items as charity.

Well, it is not of much concern to most of us candy lovers. We love candies regardless of their shape, size and manufacturing history. All it needs to be is sweet and all it needs to do is melt in our mouth while we savour the taste. An avid candy lover myself, I would like to put forward the suggestion of their limited consumption, keeping in mind the side effects it could have on our health.


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